Angie C

CCW and Dr.Darcy have changed my life. I love going to see her and always leave feeling great. She is attentive, compassionate and the best chiropractor I have ever worked with.

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Katie M 

Dr. Darcy has been WONDERFUL with both my babies! My 12 month old son was diagnosed with a double ear infection after a 10 day struggle with a cold. Antibiotics were prescribed and I gave the full dose to the end- with NO results! My baby was still so sick and miserable! I was so frustrated! With my husband's prompting, I turned (reluctantly) to calling a chiropractor. I'm so thankful we called Dr. Ward. She was loving, gentle and patient with my son (and with me!). She explained what she was going to do and why. She answered all my questions. She worked on him 3 consecutive days and the effect immediate. We returned to the MD's office to hear what we already knew- the double ear infection had cleared up! Thank you Dr. Darcy! You are a blessing to our family.

Bethany K 

What a beautiful whole body experience! It was by chance that I ended up in the care of Dr. Darcy. I can most certainly say that she has truly brought the healing to my life that my body, heart, and mind so desperately needed. I am a young, athlete, woman, newlywed, and teacher. I came to her in February of 2013 unable to identify the source of my exhaustion, acne, headaches, body aches, and emotional instability. I was broken and beyond stressed. The first session she patiently listened to me with such a warm heart as I sobbed and shared my pains. She quickly and thoroughly determined my needs without doing excess or expensive tests or work. She was also sensitive to my financial constraints and provided practical insight. She offered me education by loaning me books and recipes. She taught me about the things I was putting into my body as well as the lack of nutrition I was consuming, though I thought I was a pretty healthy girl. In many ways I believe she heals from the inside out. Though she skillfully works on bones and muscles, she also provides texts and a wealth of knowledge to create a more whole body healing experience. I can honestly say I began to see healing in all of my damaged areas after the first 3 visits. I believe because I was committed to holistic healing I am now in a mindset of keeping myself healthy. Dr. Darcy does not offer a fix it all prescription or a plan to success. She comes to know you and your life and works from the inside out to provide you individual care that will impact your health in the most effective way. I am forever grateful to Dr. Darcy for ushering healing and healthy living into my life. I continue to see her for adjustments and "tune ups." I am headache free, full of energy, and just plain happy. She is doing GOOD work.

Jeff S 

Although I have seen several chiropractors over the last 15 years, Dr. Ward is the first one to help me make real progress in resolving my neck and back pain. Her soft tissue work along with the adjustments seems to be the key in helping me hold my adjustments and make progress. In the past, I would get an adjustment, which would help for a short period of time and then I would be right back where I was. She uses a technique called "Myofascial Release" where she works with the muscles which are part of the problem. When I first started seeing her, I felt some immediate relief, but what I noticed was that the time the relief lasted kept getting longer and longer. Now I pretty much see her every other month, just for maintenance.

Kathleen M 

I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Darcy. I was having severe muscle spasms and had been receiving treatment from another chiropractor. A customer saw me in pain and recommended Dr. Darcy. She spent over an hour working with me on the first day. It wasn't long before I was back to normal. She also treated my knee which has a partial knee replacement. She was able to correct my knee and prevent me from having more surgery. I love how she treats the whole body and not just the injury. I participated in her Standard Process Purification Program. After three weeks I felt better than I can ever remember feeling. I actually had too much energy. I then realized the affect sugar had on me. This is what I mean about her treating the whole body. I call her The Miracle Worker. She is an amazing chiropractor and an amazing person, as well.

Mary R 

Since I've known Dr. Ward, I've been continually amazed by her depth of knowledge, her skill and compassion in treating many types of injuries and aches and pains. I had been experiencing some knee pain, and an accidental bump with the affected knee brought about sudden excruciating pain with any amount of weight bearing. Truly thought I was heading for surgery! But Dr. Ward was able to work the affected muscle and bones and I walked out of her office with no pain!

Jessica R 

I have been seeing Dr. Darcy regularly for over a year. I feel like I have found a treasure in healthcare... and I'm in the healthcare field! To say I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my overall health and well-being is an understatement! Professional, caring, and experienced recommendations for holistic healing have changed how I manage pain and illness. From aches and pains to nutritional support through a serious infectious disease, Dr. Darcy has been fantastic!

January M 

I have been a patient of Dr. Darcy Ward's for over a year now and I look forward to my appointment's with her. I always feel amazing when I leave. She is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patient's well-being. I have dealt with chronic pain and fatigue for 15 years and she has been an integral part in not only treating my issues but helping me get to the bottom of it all. She is a fantastic healer and I highly recommend her practice.

Angie C 

CCW and Dr.Darcy have changed my life. I love going to see her and always leave feeling great. She is attentive, compassionate and the best chiropractor I have ever worked with.

Sandy O 

Dr. Ward's practice allows her to provide health care that is not traditionally easy to find. Not only is she knowledgeable and her recommendations effective, she also does what most other health care practioners don't do well; that is listen. I am very pleased with the progress I have had in both chiropractic and nutrition. Highly recommend CCW.

Sarah P 

I love the CCW, their skill level is amazing, and the above & beyond service is incredible.I have been to many chiropractors in my life, and this one is the tops. I went to CCW after my ortho dr. told me I would soon need surgery on my shoulder. (I am not a fan of surgery) I found out about the CCW, went to Dr Darcy, she worked on me and very quickly got me to have full range of motion!!! without pain!! I am a new woman 100% without surgery!!. I highly recommend CCW and Dr Darcy.

Mike B 

Dr. Darcy Ward is a great chiropractor. I have been going for about a month and have had some great success with my Hiatal hernia. The education and knowledge that has been given to me is great as well. All around I feel better after visiting, and would recommend it to any of my friends.

Pam W 

Thorough care and knowledgeable doctor! Kind and Gentle! I would recommend anyone to this practice.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ward! After years of lower back pain, chiropractors, physical therapy and two different doctors, Dr. Ward diagnosed my lower back pain in after one consultation! Her knowledge of myofascial release and her genuine interest in your health has done wonders for me. I too felt immediate relief after my first visit


It's no exaggeration to say that Darcy Ward saved my life. I was having insupportable headaches. It got so bad I went to the emergency room and spent three days in the hospital, where the neurologists refused to consider any diagnosis that didn't have a pharmacological solution. They ended up diagnosing me with "men's cluster headaches," even though they admitted I didn't fit the symptoms. The medication they gave me triggered a full-on panic attack, and I continued to have panic attacks for days afterward. When I finally got out of the hospital, I began trying alternative solutions. Dr. Ward helped me work out a diagnosis of occipital neuralgia, which did match my symptoms, and within three months of weekly visits I was pain-free without using any drugs. I have continued to see her on a monthly basis and recommend her without reservation.


I highly recommend Dr. Ward and her practice. After seeing a number of different doctors and specialists without success, Dr. Ward was the first one to provide me with significant relief from my chronic pain condition. I don't know which has impressed me more, her skill and knowledge or her patience and empathy. What I do know is that I've never had a doctor devoting this much time and energy to my condition. Between visits she would conduct additional research and consult colleagues, always looking for ways to make the treatment more effective. What I also like is that she is open to ideas and suggestions, a trait you don't always find in every doctor. So a big, big “thank you” to Dr. Ward and her staff!


Dr Darcy Ward is the best. She took care of me and fixed problems I had for years! If you need a chiropractors look no further, you have just found the best. The staff is wonderful and every visit you feel as if you are the most important patient there!


What a wonderful experience every time I go!!! I've been to a few chiropractors and never encountered the knowledge, skill, service and comfort that I receive with CCW! Not only did Dr. Joshua rid me of my severe back pain, but he also gives me everyday practicals to prevent it and promote my overall health. It's obvious that Dr Darcy and Dr Joshua truly care for their patients!! Above all, I appreciate the attitude and atmosphere that Dr. Joshua and Dr. Darcy provide - when I go in, I'm not treated as just a 'patient' - the atmosphere is friendly, inviting and relaxing. Back pain is not something to be taken lightly, but I feel very safe in the capable hands of CCW! Thanks, Guys!!


Darcy Ward is amazing! I've been to several health professionals trying to get relief for my back, with only limited or short-lived success. But Dr. Ward has been able to help my back, as well as other pains, such as migraines, that I didn't even know could be treated without medication. I'm so glad I found her!


Dr. Josh and Dr. Darcy are both amazing. I have been seeing Dr. Josh recently and he has helped me so much. I was getting constant headaches from hours spent bent over schoolbooks, and he has really been able to alleviate that pain for me. I even felt confident enough to go back to dancing after many years away from it, knowing that there is a great chiropractor in town who can put me back together when I am hurting. I would recommend highly both of these doctors!


I'm a happier person since meeting Dr. Ward! I have had extreme lower back pain for a couple of years and have done everything to try to alleviate it. I was told that it was everything from a groin muscle pull to my lower back starting to curve the wrong direction... but at my first visit to Dr. Ward she knew right away what the problem was and put a plan into action to help me. I've been going to Dr. Ward for about 6 weeks now and have gone from a constant pain at a level 10 to rare pain at a level 2 most of the time. Dr. Ward not only is helping me with my current problem, she gives advice on things to do to make it better and stop it from happening again and again. I feel like more than just a patient with her, she is genuinely interested in me and my well being and has a great "bedside" manner! I can't begin to express all my thanks to the wonderful Dr. Ward for changing my life!

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